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Listen up, I speak the truth! [entries|friends|calendar]
Listen up..I speak the truth

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unwrap u slow [27 Feb 2005|07:00pm]
[ mood | very emo ]

We breath the same air,
but your in your own shell,
yet its just like cellophane,
i can see right thru it,
u dont want to be stuck,
i've come to unwrap u,
enjoying the every expression on your face,
i take my time, unwrapping u slow,
passing time, expressions change so then i know,
let me let him free and just see,
but hold me when i let u loose,
please run to me when i turn to leave,
i wont be back,
unless now u chase me.

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fast forward my life please.. [15 Feb 2005|08:59pm]
its been so long, since i have actually written on how happy
"one individual" can make me.. thats pretty bad.. right now
shit sucks... im not going to write why, those of you who know
me, know my "problem" but well i used to say "im glad im single,
i could do w/eva, and blahh " but now i want someone, i need
the affection, and i want to be attracted by them, i need his
comfort, and i want his understanding... ughH! i want some
modivation to get me excited to wake up for the next day, shit,
its been awile that i've felt any of that, and i mean "A WHILE"

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im sooo fuckin upset! [10 Feb 2005|08:42pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]


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retuurrrnnn to mee.... [07 Feb 2005|03:17pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

ok so i havnt had the greatest weekend, but it was ok.
friday- i stayed home with Raquel and Anabela, watched
The Notebook, drank cosmos, and cried like little whores.
It was a horrible thing. lol. I always love that movie, it's such
a beautiful story <3. Well then on Saturday, I woke up and
Hit the mall wit Raquel, w/e then later picked up Anabela
and Luz, they came over and we watched The Notebook
once more, and then just chilled. then like around freaking
1 am i get a phone call from alexandra and carlos ( my primos )
chilled with them til like 3 , came home and knocked the hell
out, then woke up at like 10 something, picked up Luz,
Anabela, and went to the Beach to go on some tanning sessions,
those always make me happy ;] w/e and then after that we
went to some little pizza place on wash. ave <3 it was okay
fuck it, i enjoy pizza <3 lol.. and i found out Willie leaves for
the Air Force tomorrow ;[ * Waves*
Hope u all you girls are doing alright, i'll comment when i can
view the Livejournal site.

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*yells* Mr. Kittens stop scratching me! [02 Feb 2005|07:35pm]
[ mood | confused ]

this is my kitten <3 oh yea, vanessa, the collar fits him now,
he looks so cute, walking around ringing and shit, lol! bye

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Oh my goodness! [02 Feb 2005|01:32pm]
[ mood | amused ]

In the past week, alot has happened..
first off, last week- went to the beach on
thursday <3 qot a sexy tan, because i was seriously
looking really pale, lol. friday- i worked then went to
take care of a baby til 8 am the next day. came home
went to the mall on a search for a gift for JAZ, nnooO!
i barely had time, i got home got dressed and went
out to a dinner in "miyako" its japanese food, it was
yum! then went to jaz's house and w'e chilled there
with some people, ate cake ( that la luz made =] )
i met sum guy there, hes super cool =] and w/e sunday
i quit wendys. monday, went to search the mall for jobs,
left early from school to eat quiznos with anabela, lol
and thats about it. I have been doing most of my homework
and I've been trying hard, because i went down a bit on the
last report card, i can;'t slip =\ no no no! i havnt talked to
miss cassandra in a while, who knows where she can be?
WELL my birthday is almost here, im excited about that,
im not sure exactly what we gonna do. Valentines day is
almost here too =\ i hope i have a valentine <3 even though
if i don't get one, i'm still going to go out, shit, i cant stay home
all "BLAH" its unacceptable!


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time to try, anything to b wit u [31 Jan 2005|08:52pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

well lately i been busy...
working ( which i quit on sunday night ) =\
and just chillin wit my people!
uhm hope everyone on LJ
and thanks for those who show sum interest!
sometimes makes me feel better ;D
ill be back sometime..

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[23 Jan 2005|10:12pm]
-got outa work a little while go
-my kitten is no longer a "kitten"
-im slackin on skool
-gota get on task
-birthday is next month
-saving money for april
-im lookn for a new job
-need to go shopping!
-bought the diesels that i wantd in NY
-priscilla changd skools
-got new manager at work
-my cat juss bite my ear
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ughhh fxxkin shxt [11 Jan 2005|11:46pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

so yea today was one of the happiest days in a while
cuz lately too mee everything is blaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!
i mean im obviously not blessed wit luck.. but w/e
today raquel came back from hawaii.. that was a
shock i didnt even kno she was coming back.. i was
like suprised to see her...!

well yea other than that.. i met sum guy. hes nice,.
hes juss a friend but hes mad coo... *Dennys* LOL
what a name!! and i been chilling wit my niggers
miguel, maria n anabela.. and talked to stephyyy!
oh yea JONATHAN grow the FUCK up! *deaded*
so i dont get y some guys r little fucking kids.. but
w;ever those r the ones who don't EVER end up happy

oooo yea i got my period so im cranky

ima qo to sleep noww
sorry havnt commented on any of u.. dont take me out
ur list... im here, im juss not ALL HERE.. lol.. u got me?

-birthday is almost here-

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get to it! [09 Jan 2005|02:35pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

things i need to do..... *anabela falls under some of these too*

O save up money for plane tickets to ny

O look for schools

O loose 8-10 pounds

O change hair style

O buy my gold rosary

O get A's this 3rd nine weeks

O get A's on the MidTerms

O find a sexy guy

O loose maybe another 2 pounds

O get a TAN

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some place only we know [05 Jan 2005|06:18pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

001. time? 5:59 pm
002. date? jan 5
003. jewelry? xox earrings, name chain, 3 rings <3
004. clothes? boxers n hawaiin shirt
005. taste? brocolli
006. sound? wicker park playiing
007. crush? noooo one
008. best friends? stephy
009. emotion? bored n lonely
010. thing in sight? tv screen

G e n e r a l I n f o r m a t o n
011. name? Jessica
012. nicknames? tata
013. birthday? feb 22
014. sex? all lady
015. location? hialeah gardens
016. grade? 11
017. school? barbara goleman
018. jobs? wendys * food production*
019. siblings? brothers (1) sisters (1)
020. pets? mr kat <3 *x*

T h e L a s t
021. movie you saw? uhm... grudge
022. movie you rented? wicker park
023. song you listened to? scientist -coldplay
024. person you talked to? doug
025. person you called? denny
026. person that called you? goldo
027. person you IMed? anabela jeTer
028. person that sent you a text message? nano
029. thing you wrote? name
030. thing you read? my buddy list

031. best? stephyyy
032. funniest? miguel n maria
033. trustworthy? stephy
034. advice? stephy + anabela
035. loudest? paola
036. quietest? prsicila.. n other priscila
037. most athletic? uhm .. willy
038. most girly? steph
039. smartest? steph
040. fallen for? noonee

C u r r e n t B u d d y L i s t
041. total people? 117
042. total people online? 18
043. away messages up? 8
044. people on cell phones? 4
045. screen names you have? 1

H a v e Y o u E v e r
046. kissed someone? yes
047. kissed a stranger? no
048. snuck out at night? yess
049. run away? na...
050. cursed at mom/dad? na
051. gone to church? yup
052. lied to someone you love? yea
053. masturbated? ..i need batteries.. LOL
054. played spin the bottle? yuh
055. gone skinny dipping? no
056. showered? guess
057. been to a funeral? yuh
058. been to a bar/bat mitzvah? yes
059. seen an R rated movie? yes
060. had sex? yes

D o Y o u
061. drink? nope
062. smoke or do drugs? uhmm.. not no more..
063. have gay friends? yes
064. have lesbian friends? yes
065. have bisexual friends? no

E i t h e r O r
066. hot or cold? hot
067. white or black? black
068. spring or fall? spring
069. looks or personality? both PLEASE
070. sunrise or sunset? sunrise..
071. smart or stupid? smart
072. video or dvd? dvd
073. tape or cd? cd
074. jock, prep, or skater? prep
075. serious or sarcastic?serious

F u t u r e
076. college? yup
077. career? forensic scientist.. or a cop
078. place of marriage? iduno
079. husband? well... T.I. asked me , but i ont kno
080. number of children? 2-3
081. two girls names? rebecca... jeniah
082. two boys names? Jonathan.... Dorian
083. car? infiniti g35
084. house? no.. a nice LOFT
085. place to live? NJ.. NY
F a v o r i t e
086. movie? love n basketball
087. actor? jack nicholson
088. actress? julia stiles
089. food? chciken carbonara from "quiznos"
090. drink? sprite n water
091. alcoholic drink? alize`
092. tv show? none
093. tv channel? hbo n all that
094. number? 2
095. song? s.a.n.t.a.n.a. - juelz , brinq em out- t.i + jay z, h0ld u down - alchemist
096. band? incubUs
097. artist? t.i
098. color? black
099. thing to do? chill wit my people
100. current time? 6:18

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wus up dudEs. [05 Jan 2005|05:53pm]
[ mood | cold ]

so i havnt updated in a while..
been busy.. but happy new yr to all of u!
ill write some time later ;]
take care!

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[03 Dec 2004|03:12am]
uggghh im goin to school in like 5 mins how wack!
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aint nothing wrong, wit the way u freaking mee [02 Dec 2004|08:50pm]
[ mood | horny ]

well i think i hit the same shit every month where i stop n think
of my life and how annoying it is.. annoying because i take night
school classes, im sick, and i havnt gone to school, and how im
like 25 hours from passing a class and the class ends in 2 weeks
ugh! and yea im fxxking depressed cuz i havnt had a boyfriend
in soo long, and i miss that sxxt, im such a loserrr! oh well!
i finally went to school today but left early, cuz fuck it i felt like
shit. i cant wait in 2 weeks exaclty ima see mr goldo.. he gona
pick mi ass up at the airport, woot woot.. exciting right? atleast
for me, i can get away from this atmosphere, cuz its freaking
annoying, its the same faces EVERYWHERE, im dead serious.
oh yea and im like really in need for sex, like REALLY in NEED!
well im off <3 i just ate a yummy ass star n chicken soup.. oh
maybe i dont need a b/f but i miss the attention i would get,
i guess thats it. i got my eyes on some cutie anyway! 8]
oh yea levy isnt talkn to me anymore, hmm wonder y?
why the hell r guys so complicated sometimes, they be beating
round the bush bout shit, its like "HELLO GET TO THE POINT"
thats y my best friend is the shit, he dont beat round the bush
right goldoo? lol... na ur not perfect either, but ur pretty str8 out
about shit, thats y i can ask u things like "Do i look fatter?"
let me shut up... well just incase someone wants to buy me
gifts and mail them to me or come by n drop off.. heres a list! lol

- scarf <3
- throwback ( boys ii men ) cd
- picture frames
- gap ( dream ) perfume <3
- black socks
- pretty shell sandals

thats all!aight im getin kinda sleepy so yea bye

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tap on my window, knock on my door [29 Nov 2004|06:10pm]
ok so yea im excited i got days left to go to NY and see my
bestest bestest buddy in the whole wide world <3 yayyy!!!!!
well this past week its been str8...lol except for the eye infect.
i got, but on saturday...me, cassie, angie, vane, danny, miguel,
maria, andy and kat went to cheesecake fact. and then we went
to south beach, and chilled, and then went home...bwaah.. and
oh yea friday i went shopping with anabela.. o man it was crazy
we woke up early as hell... 6 something we were already in the
mall trying cloths on, lmao! talk bout losers.. bwahah! well im out
qet on my level

[28 Nov 2004|02:51pm]
what i want...
i want a guy to listen to every word that comes out of my
mouth and actually be interested in what i got to say!

what i need...
a guy who is real, and willing and ready to handle a
relationship and give 110% and treat me like a queen.
its all likewise!

what i desire...
is to have that first kiss with him, and have something
to drive home smiling about

what i want...
a real man, shit, a fine one, living in my city, independent,
not into drama, drugs) not shy, demanding ( to a point )
not gay, not curious, not a mommas boy, not a pimp/playa
money making, one who loves to wine n dine * and with
an acceptable size in penis <3 thank u

if u are him.. uhm yea HoLLer, chances r my "prince charming"
isn't really on livejournal.. but w/e
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=D [12 Nov 2004|06:11am]
ok lately i been so "blah"............................
even tho at the same time i got some excitement cuz
im goin to ny, but i dont kno its something else =\
well tomorrow ima get a facial, and then keep looking
for a dress for my moms wedding next weekend..
im excited for that too, levy is gona be my date to the
wedding =] im so happy for my mom, shes finaly geting
what she deserves <3 and shes been really happy wit
eddie, and i like him now, before i had grudges + just
didn't like him, but now we cool as hell.
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[11 Nov 2004|11:42pm]
wus up.. this week went by quik..thank god! on sunday
i went to my baby cousins baptism, it was nice, i hadn't
been to church in while, and then we went to don shulas
ohh man, let me tell u, the food was dum good <2 i ate me
ribs + a baked potatoe, it was great. then monday- went to
miami beach to film something thats gona AIR TV on xmas
LMAO.. whoa! i went with anabela, miguel, maria, and my
aunt n cousin sandra. it wasn't bad, until then it got freakin
cold around 12 and we were in tanks, and spageti string shirts
and if im correct the tempature went down to 68.
. ughh! and then we went to eat at dennys i drank me a yumy
ass h0t chocolate, and french toast, and then came home to
sleep. and the next 2 days did nothing, i workd last night,
that was freaking wackkk.. and then went out later n ate
dennys ;] and now today im off to burlington coat fact. to
look for a coat so wen i go to new york, im tryin to avoid
getn cranky and freezn to death =] well im out in like 5 mins
so take carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreee......
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[10 Nov 2004|05:03am]
yay! i bought my ticket to NY.. i leave the 16th of december
and get back the 24th! <3 HOLLA!
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[06 Nov 2004|09:32pm]
ok well im goin to new york on the 16th... that shud be uhmm..
COLD.. and my mommas wedding is on the 20th of this month
and levy boy is coming to the wedding =] holla! well im juss
updating a little.

bx_juicylipz i gota ask u sutting so can u IM me.
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